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Rota Costa Verde - (São Paulo - Trinidad - Rio de Janeiro)


With outputs of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, this is an amazing and unique journey through the North coast of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Are flown on average 1500 km and the script beyond the search for the best spots and conditions for surfing, the most beautiful beaches will be presented, waterfalls, restaurants, bars, nightlife, sights and the Brazilian caiçara culture.


Included in this package:


  • Road transport in 4x4

  • Guide service

  • Accommodation

  • Breakfast

  • 2 Special Menus (barbecue meat or fish)


* Duration - Minimum of 7 nights for 4 people.


Locations For Season


Those looking for a residential accommodation to enjoy with family, friends or even work, accommodations are part of the script they can also be rented for the season, weekends, holidays and ordinary days. The properties are fully furnished and equipped for comfort and convenience of our customers


Included in this package:


  • Accommodatio


* Duration - as needed for up to 10 people


Transportation and Guide service


Our fleet and our guides are ready to take you and introduce you to the whole region or even part of it. Our service can be customized according to the need of each.


Included in this package:


  • 4x4 and expert guides


* Duration - as needed for up to 4 people


Photography Services


You can record every moment of your trip or your event. We have all the equipment so that your memories are immortalized.


Included in this package:


  • All pictures of the journey recorded on DVD


We have the perfect package for you, your family or friends. Our activities can be customized according to the needs of each, and you can make a complete trip around Costa Verde with all services, or just rent the residences Vacation, hire the Shuttle and Photography Guide or Service.


For availability dates and values, please contact us at the Reservation area via email, phone or message.